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August 2019

Message from the Executive Director 
How people were helped: May-July 2019
Testimonial of the Month: Brodie Stevenson
Financial Wellness Workshop with Tim Ziegler
Daring Arts Fundraiser on the set of Dare Me
From our Community: Rendezvous with Madness Festival

Message from the Executive Director

Dear Friends, 

The AFC is a leader in the business of taking care of the people who work as creators, performers, producers and presenters in Canada’s entertainment industry.

This fact has never been more evident to me than it is now.

Of course, we are best known for our emergency financial aid program, which in each of the last two years has provided over $700,000 in life-changing assistance to prevent homelessness, and to provide other vital aid to help industry members maintain their health, dignity, and ability to work. And of course, I am incredibly proud of this aspect of our work.

But as I reflect on where we are today and anticipate what the future holds, I know that the work we’re doing in the areas of financial wellness and personal support and advocacy will enable us not only to help our colleagues through a crisis but also to help build a platform on which Canadian entertainment professionals can live and work more sustainably in the long-term.

We are moving in the right direction and your support continues to be so important in advancing our mission.

I will have much more to share in this space in the coming weeks about exciting developments here at The AFC but for now, enjoy the last golden days of summer as we look forward to the renewed energy that autumn brings.

Thank you for caring,

David Hope
Executive Director

How people were helped: May-July 2019

In the last three months, your support helped us distribute $110,062.22 in emergency funding to arts and entertainment professionals facing crisis situations. Here's how people were helped:

  • $55,904.02 to help keep a roof over people’s heads
  • $18,080.49 for groceries and other necessities
  • $5,471.20 to cover utilities
  • $8,435.35 for travel and transportation
  • $4,688.29 to keep the phone and internet connected
  • $12,446.50 for emergency dental and medical care
  • $5,036.37 to cover other expenses, like child care, union dues, moving & storage, funeral expenses, etc.

Testimonial of the Month: Brodie Stevenson

It is imperative that organizations like The AFC are able to continue to offer support to artists and entertainment industry members.

While riding my bike on my way home, I hit a pothole. I was thrown off my bike and fractured my right arm on impact. The financial assistance from The AFC helped me cover my living expenses in the month following my accident while I was completely unable to work and helped with my physiotherapy costs afterwards.

The AFC was a lifesaver. Their help allowed me to pay rent and eat while I was barely able to look after myself. The AFC also supported me in covering the costs of my initial rehabilitation as I was unable to work.

The AFC changed the worst of possible outcomes from my accident into something that while incredibly painful was at least manageable. I felt supported at one of the lowest and most stressful points in my life and for that, I am forever grateful.

The consequences would be dire if The AFC were not able to continue the work they do. The performing arts sector as a whole is in a much more vulnerable position than other industries as the economy of art production is often based on sub-standard rates and barely offers any job security. As such, it is imperative that organizations like The AFC are able to continue to offer support to artists and entertainment industry members.

The AFC is quite literally a life-changing organization that helps one of the most vulnerable sectors of Canadian economy, thus adding an untold amount to the cultural diversity and richness of our society.

Workshop with Actor and Financial Advisor Tim Ziegler

It's back to school season, and we have a great learning opportunity coming up! As part of our Financial Wellness Program, we are hosting a workshop with actor and financial advisor Tim Ziegler on September 12 at our Toronto workshop space. The workshop is free to attend, but registration is required - we hope to see you! Read on for more information and registration details.

Stocks, Bonds, and GICs: What Are They?

Money is emotional. In money, we find our hopes, our dreams, our failures, our insecurities. Money causes us to fight with our significant others. It keeps us awake at night, it tells us what we can and cannot do, and tells us how comfortable we are allowed to be.

In this workshop, Actor/Financial Advisor Timothy Ziegler will break down the aspects of the financial world that can seem complicated to anyone, not just artists.

  • How can artists save money?
  • What is a GIC? Are they the best?
  • Am I just gambling by investing money in stocks?
  • What is a stock? Why do stocks go up and down?
  • What is a bond? Why are they safer than stocks?
  • Why would I ever need life insurance?

When: Thursday, September 12, 2019; 6:30 pm

Where: The AFC, 1000 Yonge St., Suite 301, Toronto

This workshop is FREE to attend! Attendance is by registration only - spots are limited. 

Daring Arts Fundraiser on the set of Dare Me

The on-set fundraising event raises over $3,000 in support of industry members going through tough times.

Huge thanks and high fives to all the pros working on the set of the first season of Dare Me for coming together to raise over $3,000 to support their colleagues going through difficult times.

The fundraiser was spearheaded by the show's key grip and our Board Director Mark Manchester. Many of Mark's colleagues contributed unique items for the on-set art auction, including a cool experience from the show's writer and executive producer Megan Abbott who auctioned off an opportunity to name a character in one of her future stories! Auction bids and donations were accepted throughout the day, and cast and crew had the chance to join Mark on a makeshift stage to jam and sing a tune or two.

The fundraiser was also the opportunity to honour the memory of Warren Appleby (IATSE 873 Special Effects) and Tory Bellingham (IATSE 873 Props/Sets) who the community lost this summer.

From our Community: Rendezvous with Madness Festival

The Rendezvous with Madness Festival is the first and largest mental health festival in the world and presents local, national and international work exploring themes of mental health and addiction issues.

The full programming line-up for the 27th annual Rendezvous With Madness Festival is now available! Opening on World Mental Health Day, the Festival runs October 10-20, 2019 and showcases 14 feature films from around the globe, 5 live performances (including a stand-up comedy showcase - a festival first!), and a visual and media arts exhibition. Tickets go on sale September 9 – visit for details. 

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